Come Join Us

All visitors are welcome to participate in our Sunday Services! Each Sunday we gather to sing hymns, listen to sermons, and learn about Jesus Christ. Going to church gives us the opportunity to recharge spiritually, center our lives on Jesus Christ, and connect with others striving to live like the Savior.

All Visitors Welcome.

What to Expect

Sacrament Meeting

The main meeting for everyone is called sacrament meeting. This meeting consists of songs, prayers, and sermons (or “talks”) given by different members of the congregation every week. But the most important part of the meeting is when we take the sacrament (or Communion). More about the sacrament >>

Music and Hymns

Singing about the Savior and our blessings helps us feel closer to God. A typical church service will have three or four hymns sung by the entire congregation. There might also be additional musical numbers by a choir, a small group, or a soloist. All are welcome and encouraged to worship with us in song, regardless of musical talent.

Witnessing to One Another

On the first Sunday of every month, there aren’t typical sermons. Instead, any member of the congregation can go up to the pulpit and express his or her feelings about the gospel. As we listen to the experiences of others and feel God’s Spirit fill our hearts, our own convictions and beliefs can be strengthened.

Sunday Classes

Either before or after sacrament meeting, there are a variety of other age-specific classes for children and adults where we study the scriptures together and learn more about Jesus Christ. If you would like to attend these additional meetings, ask someone at church, and they’ll be happy to help you find the right classroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

You’re welcome to wear any modest clothes that you feel comfortable in. But just so you know, most men wear suits, sport coats, and shirts and ties, and women wear dresses or skirts. Children also typically dress up.

We hope not. Many of our members come to Church by themselves each week. However, if you’d like someone to attend with you for the first time, feel free to contact the missionaries or the bishop of the ward when you arrive and they’ll find you a friend to sit with. It’s always hard to be new, regardless of the situation, but in time you’ll get to know the other members and feel more at home.

This probably depends on the size of the branch or congregation you’re visiting. Some congregations are so large (up to 600 members) that its regular members may or may not realize you’re a visitor. Others are so tiny that the members all know each other and will definitely recognize and welcome a newcomer.

No. We don’t solicit donations or pass a plate.

No. Visitors aren’t required to participate in any way. You can simply sit back and enjoy the service.

Our primary worship service is called sacrament meeting. It’s held in our chapels on Sunday and lasts approximately one hour. You are welcome to come alone or bring your family; children are present in virtually all our congregations.

We sing hymns (hymn books are provided). Church members say opening and closing prayers. We partake of the sacrament (communion), which consists of prepared bread and water, blessed and passed to members of the congregation by priesthood holders. And we listen to two or more speakers who are usually members of the congregation. You might be surprised that we don’t have just one pastor or preacher. Instead, we have an unpaid bishop who presides over each congregation.

You might be surprised that we don’t have just one pastor or preacher. We do have an unpaid bishop who presides over each congregation (called a ward).

Before or after sacrament meeting there are a variety of other age-appropriate meetings you and your children can attend. If you want to attend these additional meetings, ask someone for directions. If they don’t know, they’ll find someone who does!